Maven 2 & m2eclipse

Finally, we have a plugin for M2 that rocks! You can get the development snapshots here:
m2eclipse development snapshots

Thanks to the folks at sonatype. Listed below are some of the cool things you can do, this takes Java Development productivity to new heights:

  • The killer POM editor (form based, nice)
  • Checkout projects directly from SCM and run maven goals before importing them..
  • Awesome multi-module project support. Yes, finally this works, no more generating eclipse projects file from maven (mvn eclipse:eclipse)
  • Dependencies via workspace resolution, now you can refactor across projects, absolutely awesome
  • Of course the indexer to search for artifacts
  • A wizard for generating projects (multi-module and from the various archetypes available)

I have been running with Ganymede and the 0.96 version, very occasional NPE. I will try to post some tips over the next few days. If you have not looked at Maven 2 lately or have been frustrated with the IDE support, no more.

I was very much in favor of Q4E but for some reason over the last few months there has been a tremendous spike in the m2eclipse effort and is pretty much killed the other efforts.


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