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Maven 2 Archetype Plugin and repositories

Ok, I have been trying to setup an Maven 2 internal repository for our company (evaluated artifactory and proximity), dumped all our Maven 2 archetypes to the internal repository. So, configured settings.xml to reflect the shiny new repository and decided to try out one of archetype:create downloaded from the new repos, lo and behold the dreaded BUILD ERROR *%%$%, the archetype-plugin in all its wisdom refused to consider my new shiny repos (always going to the mothership central). After four hours of redeploying the archetype, changing repositories, settings.xml it turns out (thanks to google) it is an open issue with maven or the archetype-plugin. In any case the solution is to provide a -DremoteRepositories system property on the command line.


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Maven 2 settings.xml

Strange thing, if you use a <activeByDefault>true</activeByDefault> in a profile, and then checking for activated profiles using mvn help:active-profiles, shows the profile id containing the above element (child of activation element) twice?? So does it mean it is activated twice? Anyways, I added a <activeProfiles> element in the settings.xml and removed the above element from the affected profile, now reissuing the mvn help:active-profiles, the profile id shows up only once.

Another one of those mysterious maven 2 things, sigh.

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